Couple says apology from cross-burning former KKK member, now a priest, not enough

Attorney Ted Williams, center, sits with Barbara and Phillip Butler. (WJLA)

Forty years ago, an African-American couple living in College Park, Maryland looked outside their window and saw a burning cross.

The man who eventually confessed to putting it there is now an ordained priest who recently admitted he was a member of the KKK at the time.

Rev. William Aitcheson apologized for his actions in a letter to Barbara and Phillip Butler in September, saying he was "blinded by hate and ignorance."

Richard Reeve of WJLA talked with the Butlers, who say the priest’s apology is not enough. The couple is now suing the Catholic Church.

"Thirty pieces of silver is not going to buy the Butlers," attorney Ted Williams said.

At a news conference Friday, Barbara Butler questioned the sincerity of Aitcheson's apology.

“For you to say that you’re sorry? No, you’re not sorry,” she said. “You’re sorry that you got caught.”

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