Caught on Camera: Student tackles school cop

(image: WPMI) Caught on Camera: Student tackles school cop

A driver gets out of his car to record as a student tackles a cop to the ground.

Class had just let out Friday, when this school resource officer at a school in Los Angeles started to break up a fight near campus.

He was soon swarmed with students and it appears some of them tried to wrestle another student away from him.

Substitute teacher Daniel Leyva says he knew he needed to take action.

When he saw one of those students snatch the officer's baton away from him.

One student is shedding some light on why that officer may have had his baton out in the first place.

She says during the original fight between students she witnessed a boy hitting a girl in the face.

Toward the end of the scuffle you can see the officer getting punched in the face.

Pepper spray was then used to disperse some of the students.

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