Bostonians show up for 'Patriots Day' casting call

A casting call for extras brings more than a thousand people out near Boston, hoping for a chance to appear in "Patriots Day," a movie about the Boston Marathon bombings. More than a thousand people showed up within the first hour waiting for a chance to have a part in the upcoming movie.

The movie will be produced by Boston's own Mark Whalberg, and will depict the moments before the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing and the chaos that followed. Just recently, Watertown officials declined to allow production where convicted bomber Dhojkar Tsarniev was captured.

But you didn't have to search long to find those closely affected by the bombing, first responders, as well as 2013 Boston Marathon runners showed up, including Joseph Smith.

"I think it's important. It shows how the people helped the runners. I mean we were basically almost out of it at the end," Smith said.

"Who better than the Bostonian to tell this story about all of our heroes? Do we want Los Angeles making this story for us? No," added Angela Peri.

Peri will help choose who can become an extra during this month's filming. She owns Boston Casting, and is proud to say 'Patriots Day' is being filmed in Boston. Even with the large turnout, she says just about every person will get used.

Filming is set to begin March 29. The movie is scheduled for release this December.

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