1 killed after gas explosion near Boston

(image: WPMI) 1 killed after gas explosion near Boston

One person is dead, others are injured after a series of explosions in Massachusetts.

Dozens of homes in three towns were affected with blasts and fires.

It appears a gas line problem is to blame.

A series of explosions and fires scorch three towns north of Boston.

An 18-year-old was killed Thursday when a chimney fell on the vehicle he was in.

Several others, including at least one firefighter, were injured.

Evacuations were forced in Andover, Lawrence and north Andover.

No word yet on when these residents can return home.

State authorities say there were nearly 40 fires Thursday with 18 burning simultaneously at one point.

Officials were forced to shut down power in some of the towns.

As of Thursday night, nearly 20,000 residents were left in the dark.

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