Your Voice, Your Future Roundtable - Small Towns Rising

Your Voice, Your Future Roundtable - Small Towns Rising

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

7:00-8:00 pm (CT)

Small towns are a big part of our everyday life. We’ve all seen the changes and the decline of downtown through the years, and it’s certainly not unique to Alabama. But small-town Alabama is making a comeback, some older buildings are getting new life or new manufacturers moved in to pump new energy into the towns. Tonight, we dig into the attraction for those town, what they have to offer right now, what are the drawbacks, how those obstacles are overcome and is there a pushback from people in the communities who don’t want change.

Host station: WBMA TV in Birmingham, AL


Greg Cochran, Alabama League of Municipalities

Jennifer Williams Smith, Jasper City Council

Patrick Bryant, Talladega City Manager


Pam Huff

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