Woman returns phone found on side of the road

(image: WPMI) Woman returns phone found on side of the road

A local woman simply doing the right thing is providing inspiration to those who hear her story- a woman who's honesty has paid off more than she ever imagined.

It all started out on a busy holiday shopping day at the local Walmart in Fairhope. Lynn Murdock and his wife who are here visiting with their daughter, say his company I-Phone was pick pocketed from his coat as he was walking through the store Monday.

Murdock now has his phone back thanks to someone special. "All we want is for her to somehow reap some sort of benefit for doing the right thing and being a good person," said Murdock's daughter Terri Thompson.

It was Joanne Carstensen who found the phone. "I tried to open it so I could get a number and call from mine but they had a lock on it. I didn’t look at the messages because it's none of my business so I put it in my purse and as i was walking up the driveway it was ringing," said Carstensen.

Joanne found that phone on the side of the road. Whoever took it, tossed it. Joanne was walking home from work. " 4.9 miles every day to and 4.9 miles home," said Carstensen.

Joanne lives on State Highway 181 but she takes the back roads to work, she works at the local Burger King and it was on one of those long walks home that she found the phone. Joanne doesn't have a car.

"She walks five miles to work because her car is broke down and we had to force her to take a reward. That speaks volumes for her," said Murdock.

"You don't hear about that anymore. You hear about all the negative. Let's do something for someone that did something positive," said Thompson. Positive enough that folks in Fairhope have already opened a "Go Fund Me" account to help Joanne get back in a car.

"It’s the just the right thing to do. I didn’t want no money for it, I didn’t want any of this you know it’s the right thing to do," said Joanne.

The community is banding together tonight, to help Joanne get a car so she can drive to work. You can find the Go Fund Me page HERE.

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