City of Prichard offices to close as Mayor disputes $243,000 water bill

(IMAGE: WPMI) Water cut to City of Prichard

Mayor Jimmie Gardner confirms Prichard Water Works and Sewer cut water service to all city buildings Monday over a disputed $243,000 water bill. Gardner says the city has been paying its bills for the facilities, but it has refused to pay for fire hydrants that do not work.

“I'm not paying for a service you are not providing,” said Gardner.

Gardner says all offices, except emergency services, have now been forced to close for tomorrow. Gardner says attorneys for both sides are trying to hammer out a deal.

“They have done irreparable harm to the city by doing what they're doing. You cannot hold the city hostage to the water hydrant when the city has paid its bill for this building,” said Gardner.

Interim Fire Chief David Hale says more than 397 fire hydrants in the city have been identified as not working properly. In some cases, he says, the hydrants are dry. The City contends it is up to the water department to maintain the hydrants and it has failed to do so.

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