Warrant roundup ends with officer killing dog, shooting himself in leg

(IMG:WPMI) Warrant roundup ends with officer killing dog, shooting himself in leg

NBC 15 News was on the scene Friday morning, minutes after a Mobile Police Officer accidentally shot himself in the leg while serving a warrant at a house on the corner of Live Oak and St. Madar Streets.

But the day started in the Campground community of Mobile. We were there as officers made arrest after arrest. It was the result of an undercover drug investigation called Operation Winter Storm.

At our second location, we had only been outside our news car for about a minute, when officers started screaming and running back to their patrol cars. NBC 15's crew knew something had gone wrong, we just didn't know what.

We followed police, not knowing what we were about to see.

At first, we were just told an officer had been shot. We spotted that officer sitting on the curb. Other officers were working quickly to wrap the wound. It wasn't long before he was hobbling to a police SUV and being swept away for treatment at the hospital.

"We've got our shooting review teams on the scene right now," said Chief Lawrence Battiste.

The investigation quickly revealed that the officer had shot himself while shooting a dog that went on the attack as officers bust inside the home. The dog did not survive.

"In this case the officer felt like his life was being threatened and he executed and discharged his weapon accordingly," said Battiste.

Later Friday evening, we spoke with the woman who lives in that home. That was her pit bull the officer killed.

She was heartbroken and angry about the entire situation and says she was frightened for her life when she heard gunshots from the other room.

"They didn't even knock, they just came in, spooked her, that's why she attacked him. And his dumb self ended up shooting himself. Because it was just guns, pow, everywhere. My dog had seven puppies. They shot her like six times. She was lying there dying and her puppies were trying to still feed off of her and she was, she was dying," said Laverne Robinson, through tears.

Police tell us they were at her house looking for a person they had an arrest warrant for. But apparently that person wasn't home, because no arrests were made from her house.

Police also took Robinson's other adult dogs and the puppies from the home, because initially they thought the officer had been bitten and wanted to get the dogs checked for rabies. They also needed to process the scene. Police told us late Friday evening that the dogs will be released back to their owner.

Officers made 11 drug arrests total on Friday, charging people from multiple neighborhoods. The individuals were arrested on 16 felony charges and 17 misdemeanor charges.

The officer shot himself in the lower left leg and will be okay. He's already out of the hospital. Police are still investigating and reviewing what happened to make sure protocol was followed.

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