Waitress who called 911 after baby found alone near Mobile Waffle House speaks

Cropped Photo: Gerry Dincher / CC BY-SA 2.0

MOBILE, Ala (WPMI) A Mobile mother sits in jail charged with endangering her 7-month-old son, after police found the infant outside a Waffle House on Government Street.

Mobile police say 23-year-old Myeisha Walker was found about a half a mile away naked and under the influence.

Surveillance video from a nearby gas station on Government Street shows a man carrying a baby around 3:30 a.m. Minutes later he stops at the Waffle House and runs into a waitress in the parking lot.

"The baby had on no clothes, no pants, no socks, no shoes just a short sleeve onesie and a pamper," the waitress told NBC 15 news.

She says the man tried to get in her car with the baby, but she says out of caution she told him to bring the baby inside Waffle House where it was warmer.

"His skin was hard," she said. "He was so cold. So I picked the baby up and wrapped the baby in a jacket and took him to the back and that's when I called the police."

She says the baby wasn't crying but had marks on him. "The baby had scratches on his leg his arm. he had red marks in his face," she said.

The waitress says she knew she had to get the baby some help.

"It was just scary," she said. "I've just never experienced something like that. I never thought I'd see something like that for real."

Police did release that man who brought the child to the Waffle House.

We're told the baby is now in DHR's custody.

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