Video captured terrifying teen party shooting

(image: WPMI) Video captured terrifying teen party shooting

Viewer video obtained by NBC 15 news shows the terrifying moments from inside the Grand Hall venue as gun shots rang out at a teen party.

Security cameras case the outside of the Grand Hall. However, police say these cameras were useless last night because they were not working.

NBC 15’s Nicole Fierro spoke to eye witnesses and those close to last night's shooting victims who filled us in on what the cameras couldn't catch.

Lugene Powell captured the blood curdling screams from hundreds of teens while working the sound at Sunday night's party.

“At that time I was all just seeing all those kids, seeing them running trying to get away from what was going on," Powell said.

Less than 24 hours after the shooting, Powell returned to the Grand Hall to retrieve his speakers. Shell casings still spewed across the parking lot remind him of the five teens hit by bullets, and two more trampled.

"One of the girls, I guess one of the guys who came in ended up shooting a little girl, she got hit from the side," Powell said.

Close family friends identify this girl as a 15-year-old McGill-Toolen High School student.

Friends first spotted her hiding in the boys bathroom when shots started firing. The next thing they knew; she was on a stretcher fighting for her life.

Family members say the 15-year-old is now stable, but has a long road to recovery ahead with several surgeries.

“We heard a bunch of shots fired outside, then you heard about five rounds go off inside the building,” Powell said, adding “By that time the kids didn't know which way to go. They weren't safe outside.”

Powell says kids were lining the walls of the building trying to get down to stay safe.

Other sources tell NBC 15 that they spotted kids, one as young as nine years old, caught in the middle of this life threatening situation.

As for security, private guards were hired for the event, not off-duty MPD officers.

"They had a couple of big guys out front that were keeping it regulated,” Powell said, adding “But once that shooting started everybody ended up coming up in the building because there was a whole lot of shooting."

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