USS Alabama in need of some costly repairs

(image: WPMI) USS Alabama in need of some costly repairs

The USS Alabama is a national historic landmark that's been going strong now for 75 years now.

But now parts of the battleship starting to show wear.

One part of the ship needing repair is the teak wood boards that make up the decks aboard the ship.

They are the original boards from when the ship was constructed in 1940.

The USS Alabama then began her adventures in World War II in 1943 with a crew of 2,500 brave Americans..

The ship's WWII adventure culminated in September of 1945 when the USS Alabama led the American fleet into Tokyo Bay.

The ship was decommissioned after 3 years of service and evenutally moved here to Mobile with Battleship Memorial Park opening in January of 1965.

Over time the teak boards have deteriorated in some places across the decks.

The park staff and crew have patched up and covered some of the bad spots, but now its to the point of replacing the wood altogether.

The park staff and the USS Alabama Battleship Commission are in the early stages of replacing the burmese teak boards which make up 22,000 square feet of the main deck, and around 7,000 feet of the 0-1 deck.

They are looking at a cost of around $6 million or more.

They will eventually have to consider a capital campaign to raise the money for the replacement boards since the USS Alabama does not receive funding from the state or federal government.

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