Mobile bartenders held accountable for role in fatal minor DUI crash

    (image: WPMI) Two local bartenders convicted of selling alcohol to a minor now charged with manslaughter

    Two local bartenders are being held accountable for selling alcohol to a minor.

    Tuesday, a bench trial was held for 22-year-old Christopher Brewer and 26-year-old Olivia Lester.

    During the trial, video evidence displayed that both individuals failed to check 19-year-old Christopher Nelson’s ID while serving him multiple alcoholic beverages.

    Christopher Nelson has pending Manslaughter charges after leaving the bar and allegedly causing a traffic accident that led to the death of the passenger in his vehicle.

    Judge Hardesty found Brewer and Lester guilty of the charges presented against them and sentenced both defendants to 6 months suspended 1 year informal probation plus $200 and court costs.

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