Two injured by lightning in Baldwin County

(WPMI) Two injured by lightning in Baldwin County

We've learned two people were injured by a lightning strike in Baldwin County on Sunday afternoon.

It happened during a canoe trip in the Gateswood area in the eastern part of the county.

Initially a medical helicopter was called, but the victims injuries weren't as serious as originally thought and that was called off.

A group of friends told us they were packing up and getting off the Perdido River because of the approaching storm in the Gateswood area near the Florida line.

They were outside their vehicles when the lightning hit one of their trucks, a tree, and an umbrella one of them was carrying.

They say the Gateswood Volunteer Fire Department got to them incredibly quickly and treated the two people who were struck.

This is a photo of one of them, Logan Nelson, in the hospital recovering.

We're told both of the people who were hit will be OK and they want us to remind everyone when thunder roars go indoors, because they learned the hard way today that lightning is nothing to mess around with.

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