System in Gulf may develop into tropical depression

(image: WPMI) Tropical system moving in may develop into depression

Right now there is a large area of showers and thunderstorms stretching across the eastern Gulf across much of the Florida peninsula. While it's not exactly a purely tropical system at this point, it *may* develop into a tropical depression as it moves closer to the Florida panhandle in the coming days. Whether it gets that classification or not, it will not become a hurricane and wind will not be a factor with this system.

So, what can we expect from it? It will bring some MUCH NEEDED rain to our area, helping to alleviate the developing drought condition we are heading towards. The best bet to get wet will be on Wednesday, but we have at least a decent chance of rain in the forecast through this weekend. Most areas will see at least an inch of rain this week and some areas will see 3 inches (or more), especially into northwest Florida.

Record Heat on Monday...

97° Monday afternoon in Mobile makes 8 days in-a-row at or above 90 degrees! It also topped the previous record of 94° set in 1881...that's 137 years. The intense May heat, combined with higher humidity, helped ignite a storm or two during the afternoon.

Look for slightly "cooler" days as the rain risk rises, primarily due to a developing system over the Gulf of Mexico that we started tracking for you last week.

Rip Current Forecast:

Tuesday: Moderate Risk

Wednesday: Moderate Risk

Thursday: Moderate Risk

Please check the flags at your beach before swimming in the Gulf.

The Tropics:

We're still a couple weeks away from the official start of the 2018 hurricane season, but the above mentioned system in the Gulf has a small chance of developing into an organized tropical system. We're also watching the potential development more than a week out in the northwest Caribbean. Please check back for updates as we track developing weather in the tropics all season long.

Chief Meteorologist Chris Dunn

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