Trash troubles piling up in Mobile

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From Burma Rd to Bradford Ave, the trash is piling up.

Residents have called, emailed, even posted in an open forum to complain about the trash problems.

So NBC 15 spoke to Mayor Sandy Stimpson and residents to find out why the trash isn't being picked up.

“We are behind on trash," said Mayor Sandy Stimpson.

Mayor Stimpson says he's very aware there's a problem with trash pick-up. But, residents across the city still aren’t buying it.

NBC 15’s Zora Asberry asked Mobile resident Kathy Jefferson, "Has this been a problem?"

Jefferson responded saying, "Never before Sandy Stimpson took office".

Trash is supposed to be picked up on Mondays every other week. To catch up, the city was picking up trash on Saturdays.

Ever since a change in drop locations, the city can no longer drop off the trash at the new location over the weekend.

"This was here when we left, we left to go out of town and it's here again. It's been here two and a half weeks," said Jefferson.

Most neighbors agree that the trash isn't being picked up on time. There’s even a public forum online called the “Nextdoor App” where residents are voicing their opinions. Some even believe the city is “picking and choosing”.

"I saw them picking up about eight to ten days ago on a block over here and a block over there. It's like they were picking and choosing where they pick up," Jefferson said.

We spoke to the Mayor to find out why trash pickup has become an even bigger issue than before.

“We've actually had to call some outside contractors who really aren't as qualified to pick up the trash as our guys are. There's been some equipment challenges and there's been a lot of rain. We're trying to work with the city council to resolve a long standing issue of where our trash is dumped," said Mayor Stimpson.

The city was taking the trash to Dirt Inc., but due to a litigation issue, the city is having to take the trash to Waste Management.

Mayor Stimpson says to fix the problem, the city council would have to vote to resolve the issue with Dirt Inc. to allow the city to start using them as a contractor again.

As far as a timeline of when the trash problem will be fixed, there isn't a clear one yet.

But, Mayor Sandy Stimpson says trash pick-up is a top priority.

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