Thieves targeting cars at local parks in Mobile

(IMG:WPMI) Thieves targeting cars at local parks in Mobile

Parents and park-goers are on alert after recent car break-ins. Mobile Police say it's happening in broad day light.

Every other week, Somer Thomas takes her children to the park, but while she and many other parents are enjoying time with their children or taking a walk, someone's targeting their cars.

"It's a little bit scary because I usually keep things in my car I probably shouldn't," she said.

Aside from what's being stolen, it makes Thomas worry about what type of people are in the area.

"Sometimes, as a mother, you want to keep an eye on your child, but they might be inside that blue thing over there and you don't know what kind of people out here are busting into cars and stuff," she said.

Mobile Police say last week, someone broke into seven cars at Mims Park around 2:30 in the afternoon. They believe one car was unlocked and say the others were smash-and-grabs.

A woman says, that same day, someone broke into her car at Medal of Honor Park as well.

"It's pretty shocking criminals are getting more brazen," Chance Cooper said.

Cooper says he brings his son to the park at least three times a week and he tries to keep a close eye on his car.

"We already park pretty close," he said. "I park on that side where I can see."

The recent break-ins have some wondering if busy parks should get parking lot security.

"Probably security out here or something would be better," Thomas said.

MPD says not to leave anything visible in your car and always lock the doors.

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