Theodore teens create petition for safety measures on Swedetown Road

(image: WPMI) Theodore teens create petition for safety measures on Swedetown Road

A group of local teens are taking to social media hoping to gain support in a petition to get safety rails installed on Swedetown Road.

Edrian Coffin and Michael Sellers created the petition the same evening that a car accident on Swedetown Road killed 78-year-old Samuel Ray from Irvington.

Sellers and Coffin say this is one of too many devastating crashes that have happened on this road and they feel a need to do something to keep the community safe.

Tonight, NBC 15 news has the teen’s plea for a safer community. Plus, we’re reaching out to county officials to ask if action can and will be taken soon.

When we reached out for comment, a Mobile police representative told NBC 15:

We can only write speeding tickets on the roads listed on the memorandum orders-MO under title 32-5A-173. The speeding ordinance in 61-201 adopts 32-5A-171. In 32-5A-171 (9) is says “Any speed limit set pursuant to this section shall be enforced by any municipality or any law enforcement officer of a municipality only within the corporate limits of the municipality and not within the police jurisdiction of the municipality.”
So we are prohibited by the speeding law from enforcing it in the Jurisdiction. The above referenced MO will name two state Attorney General opinions from the 1990s that says we can use 32-5A-173.

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