The bizarre events leading up to MPD Officer Tuder's shooting


The lone suspect identified in Officer Sean Tuder's death, 19-year-old Marco Perez, earlier this month faked his own kidnapping to avoid jail time, according to police. His mother gave a tearful interview to NBC 15 News, claiming her son had been kidnapped. The terrifying text messages from his phone she’d received said he'd been kidnapped then killed.

Officers soon tracked Marco down, but he wasn't being held captive. Instead of running into the safety of officers’ arms, Marco ran away. He'd skipped out on a federal court appearance on a firearms charge.

Then Thursday, there was a possible sighting. A stolen SUV with two girls inside on Airport Blvd. told investigators Marco Perez gave them the car. A few hours later, police placed Marco's mother, Tiffany Perez, in handcuffs saying she helped Marco by filing a false police report. The police warned they were on the hunt for the 19-year-old and would arrest anyone who helped hide him.

Mobile Police said Officer Sean Tuder was following up on this case at the Peach Place Inn Sunday afternoon when he was shot and killed.

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