Terminix customers who see drastic rate increases should report to state

    (image: MGN) Terminix customers who see drastic rate increases should report to state

    Terminix customers who are used to paying $300-$400 annually for their termite bond where shocked when they got a bill for four times that. Ali Flowers says her yearly bill with Terminix went from about $320 to almost $1500.

    "My husband had just been complaining that that was starting to be too much and then we get the new bill," said Flowers.

    Attorney Tom Campbell who specializes in termite damage cases says customers should not switch to another pest control company.

    Campbell says instead, what customers should do is contact the state.

    "What I would advise those homeowners do is file a complaint with their state regulatory agency. In Alabama, that's the Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries. I would insist that department investigate their claim to determine if their termite treatment is either incomplete or warn off. If so, they should insist Terminix provide the termite prevention service that's required in their contract," said Campbell.

    Terminix says the increase is Formosan termites. According to Terminix's renewal statement:

    "Formosan termites, also referred to as 'super termites,' are the most aggressive species known to science. They eat five times faster than most termites and can cause severe structural damage in as little as six months."

    Campbell wants the state to step in and protect consumers.

    “We're hopeful the attorney general will launch an investigation. They have authority under the consumer protection statutes to stop this practice dead in its tracks.”

    To file a complaint with the state click here

    To file a consumer complaint with the Alabama Attorney General

    Terminix released a statement late Tuesday that explains it is offering a new way of fighting termites:

    “With aggressive Formosan termite activity in this region at an all-time high, Terminix is introducing a new termite control service to give our customers the most comprehensive protection available. Many of our customers in the region are being given the option to switch to this more comprehensive service which combines our two strongest termite treatments. It is indeed a more expensive service, and we realize our customers will need time to make this decision.”

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