Sweeping security changes for Baldwin County schools


Sweeping changes are on the way for Baldwin County schools as parents and educators aim to keep the guns and bad guys out. Parents and visitors will be inconvenienced, but the superintendent says it's "now part of the world we live in."

School officials didn’t say how much they were spending on the new security upgrades. General fund money has been set aside and money from the state should be coming soon too. Governor Kay Ivey has said she's releasing more than $40 million for school security statewide.

The first phase will be a "single point of entry" for every school by the time your kids return from Spring Break.

Cameras, speakers and monitoring equipment are being installed right now.

"We're building this thing as we go and the company we're working with is working on weekends to get all this stuff done, " said School Superintendent Eddie Tyler.

Some schools like Fairhope Middle School already have the new monitoring system. It’s the same school where just last month a student threatened to use a gun. Parents say - "whatever it takes" to make things safer, better.

"I don’t think there’s ever too much we can do to protect our children," said parent Candy Chastang.

Today at Daphne High School the Superintendent and others laid out the plan which also includes a hefty goal.

"My goal is to make sure there's a school resource officer on every school campus in Baldwin County. And we are going to achieve that through a cooperative effort with sheriff's office and every police department in Baldwin County," said Sheriff Huey Mack Jr.

Students and parents have no choice but to embrace the changes- "It’s great because I think everyone can agree on that because there's a lot of mixed arguments on what we should or should not do this is a good way to treat it yeah," said Aidan Gordon a student at DHS.

"I feel like the only possible way to prevent it is more resource officers and that’s really it. A buzzer is not going to stop anyone. Nothing against our school because I already feel safe," said Michael Duggar also a student.

In addition to the single entry points, outside doors will automatically lock and cameras will also monitor those locations.

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