South Carolina soccer team finds a home on the Gulf Coast in Florence aftermath

(img: WPMI) South Carolina soccer team finds a home on the Gulf Coast in Florence aftermath

Twenty-seven teammates with a South Carolina women's soccer team have made both Foley and Mobile their home as flooding continues to ravage the Carolinas.

Hundreds of student athletes from universities like Coastal Carolina are stranded on the road.

NBC 15 News caught up with the team as they prepared for a game at the University of South Alabama Friday night.

The women's soccer team practiced in Foley all week this week. It was "home away from home" for the team.

The young ladies on the team will play soccer almost anywhere and for the past week and half they've had to make do. We caught up with the Coastal Carolina team at their hotel in Mobile today.

"I mean, we're safe. We had it a lot better than a lot of people we've seen and heard of. I mean, I think that’s probably the most important thing that’s come out of it," said Rylee Atteberry who plays with the CCU women’s soccer team.

Typically a college team's road trip is about 3 to 4 days but with the team's hometown of Conway, South Carolina surrounded by flood waters, its turned into much more.

For this team, training for the game and "winning" one for the home team has taken on new meaning.

"It’s hard to hear the things that are going on back there. It’s kind of cool to see how resilient they are being. For us as well. A lot of people have donated to our cause and just being able to stay out here and stay safe, and ultimately, being able to play soccer," said Atteberry.

Keeping up with school work is expected, but its not easy. "Teachers email us about homework that we'll have to do and they are kind of getting our schedules back on track, so we are staying organized. Stuff like that is helpful on this kind of trip," said Baylee Price who is also on the team.

Team Coach Paul Hogan has a home in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Friday he says his neighbors and his family are preparing for more flooding that's on the way as the river's "back home" are expected to crest soon.

"They went through twelve thousand sand bags yesterday and they ran out of sand bags. There's people right now who basically have U-Hauls in front of their houses, getting their furniture into U-Hauls to get out, so when the flooding does occur they are not losing everything," said Hogan.

After the game with South Alabama the team plans to move back to Foley. They need a place to practice this weekend.

Their next game is in Troy, Alabama. After that they hope they can finally go home.

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