Skeletal remains visible in grave at Mobile cemetery

Skeletal remains visible in burial vault at Mobile cemetery (WPMI)

A disturbing scene at a cemetery on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, where human remains are openly visible in an above-ground burial vault.

One Mobile man who did not want to be on camera told us he was visiting his relative's grave when he was taken by surprise after seeing the bones.

He said he spoke to the cemetery caretaker, Tillman Brown, nearly two weeks ago informing him of this situation.

We also spoke with a cemetery employee who said it's an old grave and the top to the vault is at ground level.

He said usually family members are contacted regarding the deterioration of a grave, but if none can be reached, then the grave would be filled with dirt in order to cover the remains.

But when the visitor came back Saturday, it still hadn't been fixed.

Tune in tonight at 5 and 10 for the details.

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