Woman suffers horrific injuries from dog attack in Mobile


MOBILE, Ala. (WPMI) - Tense moments as Mobile fire and police went into rescue-mode attempting to help a woman whose dog had just attacked her inside her own home leaving her with severe injuries.

First they pried open the front door but the dog was still inside. They yelled out to the injured woman, found out which room she was in and immediately began breaking a window to get to her.

NBC 15 recorded exclusive video as paramedics climbed through with a stretcher and quickly lifted her to safety.

A Mobile Fire Rescue spokesperson says a 51-year-old woman's pit bull attacked her inside her home near Government and Knob Hill Drive.

He says she has severe injuries. Both of her hands were severed. She was rushed into surgery.

One neighbor says he got a phone call so he ran over.

"A little upset that's about all I can say at this time," he said.

Animal control arrived at the scene and removed a big pit bull from the home. Two other dogs were left in the yard.

"I think it's very bad that she was attacked," a woman said.

Neighbors say they're shocked because the owners seemed to have a good relationship with the animals.

The victim's sister tells NBC 15 news her sister got the dog about two years ago.

She says she has no clue what happened.


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