Ambushed veteran Selma policeman returns to job


On September 23, 2018, Selma veteran policeman, Micah Hale, found himself being ambushed long before sunrise on that Sunday morning.

Hale informed us, "The bullet hit the right side of my back right here."

Two gunshot wounds and one surgery later. he said "Now I am able to make a fist."

Hale returned to active duty for the first this time this week.

Back on the road after four months, Hale never even considered giving it up, despite pleas from family.

"I'm a deeply religious person so I rely on my faith."

He remembers that early morning all too well. He had just come down Broad Street and taken a left on Furniss Avenue, a choice he purposely made to pull in a parking lot to fill out police reports... and then it happened.

"I then heard a sound go right by my ear and wait a minute.. somebody's shooting at me and from there I realized bullets hitting my vehicle."

"As I got out of my vehicle, I out pulled my weapon and the streets were completely empty."

For a brief time, Furniss became an avenue of hatred and violence and it was Micah Hale who bore the brunt of it.

"It will forever be burned of the tapestry of my memory."

Today, there is no anger, no bitterness, no desire to get even.

"By the grace of God I am still standing.." He is just eager to pick up where he left off more than four months ago, "I found out it's a calling.."

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