Second arrest made in Brewton grade-changing investigation

(img: WPMI) Second arrest made in Brewton grade-changing investigation

New information is coming out of Brewton as a grade-changing scheme at W.S. Neal High School leads to a second arrest.

An 18-year-old high school student was arrested earlier this week and charged with computer tampering, and now a teacher is accused of stealing the same login credentials from the high school's assistant principal.

Lisa Odom, 58, a special ed teacher at W.S. Neal Elementary is accused of modifying the grades and transcripts of multiple students.

"She should know better. She should care more and she also should know that with technology she going to sooner or later get caught," said Debi McGowin who's grandchildren go to school at W.S. Neal High.

Authorities say Lisa Odom, 58, was able to steal the login credentials belonging to the Assitant Principal at the high school.

Arrest records indicate Odom used the credentials to modify the grades and transcripts of multiple students.

The report also shows that 18-year-old high school senior Matt Hutchins apparently used the same stolen credentials to change an English grade from a 92 to a 96.

Escambia County, Alabama School Superintendent John Knott says the investigation, which is now in the hands of the Attorney General's office, began in late March when the breach was noticed by High School staff.

Knott says in the cyber world everything leaves a mark. "You have to bring people on board that have the technical expertise and resources. People don't understand exactly how involved all that is and how many protocols are in place that leave a road map," said Knott.

It's a road map that could lead to prison time, the end of long career for this woman as a teacher, and a stained future for an 18-year-old who's life as an adult is just getting started.

"Through our investigation we want to make sure that all are involved are held accountable. That's exactly what I intend to make sure happens," said Knott.

Both Odom and Hutchins are out on bond. Odom was placed on paid administrative leave.

Investigators will be here for 7-10 days trying to get to the bottom of what really happened.

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