Search underway for missing Alzheimer's patient in Elberta

Search underway for missing Alzheimer's patient in Elberta

Volunteers who have converged on the rural backwoods near Elberta in search of a missing Alzheimer's plan to return tomorrow morning.

The search for 79-year-old Steve Keszthelyi was called off Thursday afternoon due to impending thunderstorms.

Keszthelyi has been missing for two days now.

Officers will now take a second look at the search grid for tomorrow.

His daughter tells NBC 15 it was Wednesday Morning when Keszthelyi, who is now in an advanced stage of Alzheimer's, told his wife he was going for a walk in the woods.

"He would do anything for anybody, he was strict on us when we were coming up but he was always there, he would do anything for anybody," said the missing man's daughter Maria Ard.

And today these volunteers with Daphne Search and Rescue along with a second group known as Lower Alabama Search and Rescue pulled out all the stops.

"We dove in a pond, checked it, cleared it yesterday. We had divers go back in that pond because there were concerns about it," said Ray Hogan with LASAR.

The group had their focus on a pond directly behind Keszthelyi's home, using sonar to detect any movement or any sign of large objects.

"The sonar keeps the divers out of the water. These are slew type nasty, gator/snake-infested areas [with] a lot of reeds and grass in them. God only knows what's in the bottom of some of these ponds," said Hogan.

Today's sonar search of the pond eliminated that spot as possibility for his whereabouts.

Relatives say Keszthelyi, a native Hungarian, had been talking about going home recently.

It's possible he took off looking for anything reminding him of his childhood. It's common for Alzheimer's patients go do this in the later stages.

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