Saraland neighborhood bear sightings in broad daylight


    Recent black bear sightings of a mama and her cubs in the middle of the road and a big black bear banging on the window were all captured in Saraland in the last few weeks.

    Saraland resident Tommy Parker can't say he's shocked by these latest sightings. He and his wife spotted one right by their front door too.

    "My wife was blowing the horn, trying to get him to leave, and he was standing there like no big deal," Parker said, adding "and it was a pretty big-sized bear too."

    Living on Celeste road for 7 years, Parker says these sightings happen pretty often.

    "When our daughter was small and we're feeding the deer and bears started coming in," Parker said, adding "I said I don't want them coming near her so I said we have to stop feeding the deer."

    Wildlife experts say 'Definitely don't leave out food for the animals'. They say the best thing to do is just watch it. Don't approach it, because you might provoke it to do something.

    Parker says, in his experience, honking the horn and shutting his door loudly scared the bears away quickly.

    "The horn had him heading out. He wanted to know which way to go with those headlights in his face," Parker said.

    The minimum fine for shooting a black bear is $2,000. Jail time is also possible.

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