Safety concerns heightened after 3 hit by vehicles in 24 hours

(IMG: MGN / Pixabay)

Sunday night, a 70-year-old man in a wheelchair was trying to cross Dauphin Street when he was struck by a sports car. He was pronounced dead Monday afternoon. The driver of the sports car was not charged in the accident.

Also on Monday afternoon, an infant and mother were hit by a Jeep on Government Street and Westwood Street, trying to cross after getting off a city bus.

The child was in a stroller and reportedly had head injuries, the mother with leg injuries according to police.

We spoke with Steven Millhouse, public information officer for the Mobile Fire-Rescue Department. They responded to both scenes.

“Just make sure you're aware of your surroundings as well as the people on the streets. We share the roadways,” Millhouse said, urging caution for both pedestrians and drivers.

He also offered pertinent advice.

“If you're on foot, you want to go facing traffic, so that you can see oncoming traffic, but wear reflective clothing -- wear bright clothing -- stay in an area that's well-lit.”

There was no evening update on the condition of the baby and mother.

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