Residents oppose gun range coming to Tanner Williams

(IMG:WPMI) Residents oppose gun range coming to Tanner Williams

Residents on Novatan Road are deeply upset by a gun range proposed right near their back yards.

The neighborhood off Tanner Williams in west Mobile is quiet, homes on large swaths of land with a community bonded closely together.

Michelle Davis has a special needs adult son with auditory sensitivity, and if the gun range is approved, they will have to sell their home.

The shocker - the residents in that neighborhood only learned of the range Tuesday when the range owner, Jeff Stone of Stone Management Services, announced it on the Stone Brothers Arms Facebook page.

“Panic,” said Davis. “Complete panic.”

Neighbors sprang into action, contacting county officials. A letter obtained by NBC 15 News states that the county has no authority over the range; however, permits were approved for it to be built.

We reached out to Commissioner Connie Hudson for clarification, but it was after business hours and that message has not yet been returned.

The range, as it is proposed, backs up the side of Davis’ yard with the trajectory of bullets fired at a 200-yard target straight at her backyard.

Stone has told her that a wall of sandbags should help obstruct any stray bullets, but the fear is still there. A gun pointed straight up would potentially shoot into her or her neighbor’s yards.

A petition has reached nearly 500 signatures in 24 hours, created by Hunter Sheppard.

Sheppard says it’s important to note that no one on the road is opposed to a range in general, they just want it away from homes.

The police range further off Tanner Williams near the lake is isolated from all homes, but they can still sometimes hear the bullets.

Stone has said on social media that he intends to install equipment to lessen noise from the range and that members will not be permitted to shoot at night.

A Town Hall is scheduled at 6:00 p.m. Monday night at the Tanner Williams Historical Society Building. Stone has said he will attend and even asked for the meeting to take place.

Sheppard hopes that dialogue will lead to a relocated range.

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