Rebekah Mason is now Robert Bentley's office manager

(image: WPMI) Rebekah Mason is now Robert Bentley's office manager

Former Alabama Governor Robert Bentley's former mistress is working for him again!

According to, Bentley confirmed in a deposition: Rebekah Mason is the current office manager at Bentley's dermatology practice in Tuscaloosa.

She was his advisor when he was governor.

That deposition is related to a civil suit filed by Spencer Collier, the former head of the state law enforcement agency.

To take you back, Collier blew the whistle on the governor's alleged affair after Bentley fired him. That scandal led to charges that ultimately forced Bentley to resign as governor.

Bentley also got a divorce.

Also in the deposition: Bentley doesn't deny an affair, he admits he and Mason were affectionate and would kiss and hold hands.

Bentley remains adamant that the two never had sexual contact.

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