Rabid fox attacks Fairhope golfers

(image: MGN) Rabid fox attacks Fairhope golfers

According to Fairhope Police, on May 20, 2018, at approximately 2:30 p.m., PD was notified that an adult male golfer was bitten by a wild fox while golfing on the course at the Rock Creek Golf Club in Fairhope.

The golfer stepped off of his golf cart when a red fox ran at him and bit his leg. The incident occurred where the stream bed of Rock Creek crosses the golf course near a wooded area adjacent to US Highway 98. The golfer was taken to Thomas Hospital for treatment.

According to police, on May 21, 2018, shortly after 8 a.m., the course ground crew discovered the fox, and a second person was bitten on the leg while trying to contain the animal. Fairhope Animal Control went to the scene and collected the animal. It was taken to the Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences for testing, and it tested positive for rabies. The persons bitten have been notified to seek appropriate treatment.

The Fairhope Police Department strongly urges citizens to report any animals which are behaving in a manner which raises alarm. Foxes are reclusive animals, are not normally seen during the daytime, and generally avoid human contact. If any wild animal approaches a person, that person should take protective measures and leave the area, or seek shelter if the animal is aggressive, and notify the City.

The Baldwin County Sheriffs Office issued the following Tuesday morning:

05/21/2018 at approximately 5:40 pm, Baldwin County Sheriff Deputies responded to an Animal Complaint (Wildlife) at the Thomas Hospital Emergency Department in Malbis.
Upon arrival, Deputies discovered that a male subject who resides in Spanish Fort Estates had been bitten by a possibly rabid Fox while he was in his front yard working on a sprinkler. The Fox attack left the victim with bite wounds to both legs. The victim was treated and release from the Emergency Room. A search of the immediate area was conducted by law enforcement but the Fox was not located.
Officer Kevin Hill with the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources was contacted regarding this incident to request assistance with locating and trapping the suspected rabid animal due to it being at large and in a residential area. He stated that he would respond to the area to check for the animal.

Pet owners are encouraged to be sure their pets are current on all vaccinations and to keep their pets away from areas where wild animals are known to be. Anyone with questions about pets and rabies should consult their veterinarian.

Rabies is a viral disease which can infect mammals, including humans, and is transmitted via saliva, such as from a bite.

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