Councilman seeks fines for careless gun owners

A local city councilman is using his platform to spread his message that gun owners should be held responsible for not securing their firearms. He wants to see irresponsible gun owners penalized, perhaps by a hefty fine.

The councilman is CJ Small, who you may remember was actually shot in the face two years ago during a trip to South Africa.

During Tuesday’s city council meeting, Small said that he wants to see legislation that curbs gun violence, something he says is plaguing not just Mobile, but the entire world.

Small said he would ideally see a law similar to one in California that levies a fine.

“The state of California fines their residents $1,000 for having guns in unlocked cars,” Small said.

It’s an issue that Public Safety Director James Barber also says is far too common, stating 80 percent of stolen weapons come from unlocked cars.

Stone Arms owner Jeff Stone says guns should never be stored in cars.

“Probably every day we get someone in here that says they need to replace a gun that was stolen from their car,” Stone said.

Stone said he is willing to help any gun owner learn how to safely secure their firearms.

Small hopes to encourage lawmakers to pursue action next year.

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