PRO: Why Alabama needs a lottery

(image: WPMI) PRO: Why Alabama needs a lottery

It's a state argument as divisive as Alabama football. People are divided in the fight over bringing the lottery here to Alabama.

However, just like the War Eagles and Crimson Tide, we're putting both sides head to head. It's up to you to decide who comes out on top in the fight for or against Alabama lottery title.

NBC 15's Nicole Fierro explains how the lottery is the game changer we need to solve our biggest problems and debts.

Call in to NBC 15's Your Voice Hotline at 855-VOICE-15 (855-864-2315) and leave a message on how you feel about the lottery. We may play your comments on this evenings 10 p.m broadcast.

Tune in to NBC 15 news at 10 pm on Tuesday to hear the opposing side of this argument.

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