President Trump's lawyer admits to paying off adult film star


President Trump's personal Lawyer admitted to paying adult film actress Stormy Daniel $130,000 in 2016.

Michael Cohen admitted Tuesday that he paid adult film actress Stephanie Clifford this money out of his own pocket back in 2016.

Clifford, also known as "Stormy Daniels", alleged that she had sexual relations with Trump more than a decade ago.

President Trump has denied the allegation.

In the statement, Cohen says neither the Trump Organization nor the Trump campaign played a role in the payment, and that neither group reimbursed him.

Cohen tells CNN he made the payment to protect Trump, saying such an allegation can cause harm or damage even if it's false.

Cohen also says the payment to Clifford was lawful and not a campaign contribution.

This is in response to complaints filed by the group "common cause" to both the federal election commission and the justice department.

Common cause alleges the payment violated campaign finance laws.

Michael Cohen says President Trump wasn’t aware of the transaction.

Do you think Cohen is telling the truth?

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