Preliminary autopsy results for driver in fatal bus crash

(image: WPMI) Preliminary autopsy results for driver in fatal bus crash

The preliminary autopsy results for the bus driver of the charter bus that crashed in Baldwin County this week are back. Baldwin County Coroner Stan Vinson says blunt force trauma is the preliminary finding for the cause of death and stresses more testing needs to be done.

The autopsy was conducted Wednesday in Mobile at the Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences.

Harry Caligone, 65, was driving a bus load of band kids back home to Texas when he crashed down into a 50 foot ravine Tuesday in a rural stretch of 1-10 in Baldwin County.

Caligone's wife said he had just passed a physical and was a responsible driver. Investigators are reviewing why Caligone went off the road, if he became drowsy after driving all night from Orlando or if a medical emergency occurred.

"Everybody is wondering that and unfortunately right now we don't have the answers. We are still working on it. Right now, we don't have any answers that a medical emergency occurred," said Vinson.

Vinson says in addition to state lab testing. NTSB is also doing its own toxicology analysis to see what was in his system. Vinson says a final autopsy report should be finished in about six weeks after more testing is completed.

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