USA stadium support fails city council vote 4-3

USA stadium support fails city council vote 4-3

Roll call vote for USA stadium proposal:

  • Manzie - No
  • Small - No
  • Williams - No
  • Richardson - Yes
  • Rich - No
  • Gregory - Yes
  • Daves - Yes

The Mayor's office released the following statement following the vote:

I am disappointed with today’s decision. It sends a message to the NFL that the City does not support the Senior Bowl. It leaves Ladd Stadium with zero funding to create a facility that meets the needs of the neighborhood and the four high school football teams that play there. It leaves the City with no plan to solve the $33 million maintenance issue. Ladd will now have to compete with every other public facility fighting for funding. Over the course of the next 10 years, the City will accumulate $225 million in maintenance costs. This window of opportunity is gone, but we will continue to have to make tough choices on how we fund our public facilities.

The University of South Alabama released a statement via tweet Tuesday afternoon:

Dear Jaguars Fans,

The University’s request to the City Council of Mobile for $10 million in financial support for our on-campus football stadium was not approved by the Council at its meeting today.

We are disappointed by this setback, but we also are inspired by the outpouring of support from our students, alumni, employees and fans.

Hundreds of you contacted your elected officials and attended City Council meetings to show your support for the stadium project, and we thank you for taking your time to support South.

We also greatly appreciate the support and vision of Mayor Sandy Stimpson and his staff, who worked diligently to move the proposed agreement forward, as well as the support of the City Council members who voted for the proposal.

USA’s leadership is exploring all possible avenues of funding for the stadium, and we anticipate that we will continue to generate interest in the stadium among individuals and private organizations.

The University is continuing with site preparation for the stadium, so that we will be ready to move forward with construction when we are able to identify the needed sources of funding support.

We are committed to building an on-campus stadium for the Jaguars, and we will continue to keep the University community informed when we have additional news to share.

Go Jags!

Tony Waldrop, President

Joel Erdmann, Athletics Director



Will Mobile help fund the proposed stadium at the University of South Alabama?

Weeks of discussion and debate on if Mobile should help fund the South's stadium may come to an end Tuesday.

The deal calls for the City to give South $10 million over a course of 20 years.

As part of the agreement, South would give $2.5 million back to the City to put towards revitalizing Ladd-Peebles Stadium.

Mayor Sandy Stimpson sent out a strong message last week.

"It's time for the City Council to vote. Actually, it's past time to vote," Stimpson said.

He says South has said if the council doesn't vote, they're withdrawing the offer to give money for Ladd.

Stimpson says partnering with South for a new stadium is a better option because repairs to Ladd would cost about $33 million.

In order for it to pass you, need five votes. Right now, the votes don't seem predictable.

"We are asking for the time it takes to makes this decision," Councilman Levon Manzie said last week.

Manzie in the past has asked for more time to make a decision questioning what would happen to Ladd and mentioning how the affected neighborhoods need infrastructure work.

He says he's still not sure how he's going to vote.

When we spoke with Councilwoman Gina Gregory last week she was somewhat in the same boat.

"I would prefer to not say exactly how I'd vote," she said. "I have been in favor of the proposal because financially I think it's a good move. Now, it doesn't address what will happen at Ladd, even though it will start the conversation and will provide some upfront money."

Councilman Fred Richardson says he supports the idea of funding the stadium, while Councilman John Williams says he doesn't.

As for the other three members, we'll have to see how they vote Tuesday as well.

NBC 15 News will be at Tuesday's City Council meeting and will let you know what happens.

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