Political experts weigh in on Trump Endorsing Moore


President Donald Trump officially endorsed Senate hopeful Roy Moore on Monday.

The two spoke by phone Monday morning and the president offered his support.

"I don't think it's going to change anybody's mind at this particular point. I know that probably most people assumed Trump would come out in support of Moore," said University of South Alabama political science professor Dr. Sam Fisher.

"It's hard to determine if the president's endorsement is going to have any impact. Because of course he put his full effort behind Luther Strange and we saw what happened in that election," said Jonathan Gray with Strategy Research.

But Gray says the polls are starting to shift.

"The average from Real Clear Politics is right around 2 to 3 points to Moore's advantage but recent trends have shown Moore up anywhere from 4 to 6 points," said Gray.

Gray says it appears many Republicans find the sexual allegations against Moore questionable.

And he poses the question, did the allegations come out too early for the democrats?

"And here's the bigger issue. Jones said he wasn't going to use those to campaign on but tonight and for the next week we're going to see Doug Jones ads attacking Roy Moore so voters are starting to see this as a real smear campaign," said Gray.

Though President Trump doesn't have any plans to come to Alabama to campaign for Moore, he is going next door to Pensacola, Florida on Friday for a campaign-style rally just four days before voters head to the polls December 12th.

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