Police identify officers and victim in officer-involved shooting

Police identify officers and victim in officer-involved shooting (WPMI)

Mobile Police held a press conference today after Sunday's officer-involved shooting.

In the conference, police identified the victim of the shooting as 26-year-old Ira Crawford.

At approximately 7:46 on Sunday, Dec. 10 police responded to a traffic accident with injuries on I-10 westbound at DIP.

Officers Matthew Towery and Daniel Marlin approached the vehicle and they heard Jaicola Seals screaming for help and Crawford was stabbing her.

Towery and Marlin said that Crawford had a edged weapon in his hand and commanded him to place the weapon down.

Seals was trapped in the car and could not escape so officers were forced to deploy deadly force.

Crawford was shot once by each officer causing his death.

Several witnesses say they heard Crawford threaten to kill Seals.

An administrative investigation and criminal investigation are being conducted.

Both officers have been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigations.

MPD has body cam video of the shooting but will not be released during the investigations.

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