Police increase reward, create blog to help find Danniella Vian

(IMG: WPMI) Police increase reward, create blog to help find Danniella Vian

As the search for missing mother Danniella Vian continues, Mobile police are taking a new route to get more information.

They've launched a blog for people to post any information they may have on her disappearance.

MPD also increased the reward from $2,000 to $5,000.

25-year-old Danniella Vian has been missing for more than two months. She was last seen on July 17th. Family and friends have posted flyers, held a vigil and made t-shirts to spread the word as much as they can.

"I think the biggest task right now is keeping her name out there," Vian's friend Shanna Haden said.

To keep her name out there and further the investigation, Mobile police announced a new online tool to help bring in more information.

"We're just using resources that we have available to us," MPD Chief Lawrence Battiste said, "We just want to make sure that we keep the conversation going about Danniella."

The blog is set up for anyone to post information that could help with the investigation. Battiste says his goal is to keep people talking.

"When people are talking and sharing information they share information that may trigger a thought in somebody else's mine about what they saw or did not see that can help us later on down the road," he said.

Vian's car last pinged at the Shell gas station on Government Blvd. Friends say they're hoping the blog brings new information.

"Anything is better than nothing, which is what we have to go off of right now," Haden said.

Battiste says he's remaining optimistic about the case.

"I'm hopeful that we will find her alive because it's happened before, so we won't give up hope until we get something that tells us we shouldn't hope for that anymore," he said.

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