MPD Chief calling on parents to hold teens accountable after the Grand Hall shooting

(IMG:WPMI) Police Chief challenges parents to hold children accountable after teen shooting

About 300 to 400 teens all enjoying a "teen bash" on Easter night at the Grand Hall ended up running for their lives.

"The teens didn't know which way to go once one of the guys got in with the gun," sound system operator Lugene Powell said.

On video, Powell captured the moment shots rang out.

"A lot of shooting started outside and a lot of the kids end up running inside," he said. "Then some of the people end up chasing them inside the building and started doing a lot shooting inside the building as well."

Mobile police say five teens were shot and two trampled over while trying to get away. Chief Lawrence Battiste says he believes one of those teens accidentally shot themselves.

He's calling on parents to do your part and hold your children accountable.

"I ask the parents to check their children rooms, check their book bags hold them accountable for their actions because I truly believe if parents are doing those things the life they save may be their own children," he said.

Battiste says they detained some people last night and are still interviewing trying to piece it all together. He says there are surveillance cameras at the venue but none of them were working.

Battiste says this is yet another reason parents need to be concerned about the venues you let your children go to.

"Make sure they have security and if they do have cameras ask if they are functionally properly because it's important you want to make sure they're in a safe environment," he said.

The Chief says all of the injured teens were treated and released from the hospital except one who's still in critical condition.

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