10-year-old boy hit by car near elementary school after shots fired


Gunfire caused chaos in the Maysville area Friday afternoon.

"All of a sudden, pow, pow, pow, pow," a woman said.

A call around 3 p.m. about shots fired near Belfast and Antwerp Streets sparked a chain of events.

"I don't know who was shooting at who but we ducked down in the car," she said.

We're told students near Craighead Elementary heard the shots.

A 10-year-old ran across the street near S Ann Street and Bay Avenue and was hit by a car.

"He heard shots being fired and like any kid would or any person would he was trying to get out of the area," MPD Cpl. Laderrick Dubose said.

The child was transported to the hospital with a minor injury to his ankle.

Just around the corner, an officer got behind a car he thought was involved in the gunfire. Turns out the car was stolen.

"He didn't pursue it he just followed behind it," Dubose said. "He turned his blue lights on that's when the vehicle pulled up on the curb and subjects bailed from the vehicle."

He says they ran away on Arlington Street. Officers were able to catch one of the suspects.

They used a K9 to search the area and while searching the car they found a gun.

People who live in the area where the shots were fired say it's happening way to often.

23:54:53:02 "I heard a lot of gunshots just like I did that night they shot through my window," a woman said. "I'm not scared, I'm angry that's what I am very very angry."

"I don't appreciate it this used to be a nice quiet neighborhood," another woman said. "I really wish that Mobile Police Department can do something about this because it's getting ridiculous."

Police say the man they took into custody faces charges of a person forbidden to carry a firearm.

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