Mobile police ask #SlutWalk protesters to leave Bel Air Mall property

(img: WPMI)

Many girls and young women were still stopped at the doors of Bel Air Mall on Saturday just for wearing shorts.

A protest named the #SlutWalk was created in response to a young woman being kicked out of Bel Air mall last week for “inappropriate attire” which included shorts and a cropped shirt.

After the initial incident the mall released a statement saying-- it wants a family friendly shopping environment and that anyone who violates their code of conduct will be asked to change or leave.

Many were not part of the protest according to multiple individuals who witnessed the scene firsthand.

Women (and a few men) wore shorts in protest of the incident. Some were kicked off the property, while others were allowed in.

Those participating in the protest said women are being over sexualized for wearing the same items the mall sells.

Watch the video above for more. Full story tonight at 10.

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