Pensacola man arrested for stabbing an elderly woman

(image: WPMI) Pensacola man arrested for stabbing an elderly woman

An elderly woman Pensacola woman was stabbed and cut while sitting in her own home, and her neighbor is facing charges.

Pensacola Police say 18-year-old Tyler Owens went inside 82-year-old Carrol Carmichael's unlocked front door at Arbor Club Apartments late Saturday night.

Police say: The elderly woman was sitting in a recliner that was facing away from her front door.

According to the arrest report, Owens stabbed carmichael in the back, and slashed her neck and face.

She was found by a family member several hours later.

Police say Carmichael fought her attacker and officers say that fight helped lead police to their suspect.

Police found Carmichael's cell phone, her blood stained purse, and her ID and credit cards inside owens' apartment.

She's expected to recover.

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