Parents concerned over reports of attempted abductions in Escambia County

Parents concerned over reports of attempted abductions in Escambia County. (Source: WEAR-TV)

Parents and law enforcement remain on high alert after a warning from Escambia County Sheriff David Morgan, regarding two recent reports of an older man allegedly trying to lure children into his vehicle.

According to the Sheriff’s Offfice, it received two reports over the past two weeks of an older man in a white or black van, possibly an SUV, offering children rides.

One report on Pine Forrest Road and the other on North Palafox Street.

The Sheriff’s Office not pinpointing a more exact location.

It's unclear if the cases are related.

Even though the cases are outside Pensacola City limits, Pensacola Police spokesperson Mike Wood said officers in the City have been made aware of the situation and are on the lookout for similar attempts in city limits.

"Offenders that commit these types of crimes don't necessarily pay attention to law enforcement boundaries, so we want the citizens of Pensacola to also be aware of the situation that happened in Escambia County and educate their kids,” Wood said.

Wood said the best thing parents can teach their kids is “stranger danger.”

“If a stranger ever approaches them and asks them to come help look for their puppy or some story like that, any story, make sure they know to never go near that person,” Wood explained.

Many parents and guardians expressed concern about the situation across our social media platforms. Channel 3 News spoke to a grandmother named Vickie Halinski, she said she will not let her four year old grandson out of her sight.

"When your minds on something else, especially with the holidays, you're not so concerned about things like that and it's something people need to be concerned about with their children,” Halinski said.

If you know anything about who may be involved contact law enforcement. We’ll update you as this situation develops.

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