Mobile parents call for security after 3 staff members attacked, guns found on campus


    NBC 15 learned of three staff members attacked on Mobile County campuses and at least two guns recovered during the first few weeks of school in 2019.

    Parents say the recent reports of dangers on campus have them worried about their kid’s safety and teachers.

    Students at Davidson High School say chaos erupted right before 9 a.m. Thursday.

    They tell NBC 15 a female teacher was choked and punched by a special needs student in the science wing.

    “She was screaming for help in the hallway and that's what we heard,” students said.

    Officials with the school district say on Monday, a parent lunged at an assistant principal at Baker High School sending them both to the ground.

    “This ain’t nothing like it used to be they used to not have all this,” Davidson parent Billy Whetley said.

    Parents are perplexed, especially after hearing Williamson high school’s principal speak out just last week about his attack.

    Principal Kirven Lang opened up to NBC 15 last Monday about a fight that broke out on his campus in January involving current and former student- one he didn't start but was injured trying to stop.

    “I’m recovering right now, psychologically,” Lang said, adding “It had a big effect on me because in the end I lost because those were my boys.”

    “Wow, I didn't know anything about all of this. This is ridiculous,” Davidson parent Candy said, adding “We need to crack down on this. There’s got to be some changes, got to be.”

    Candy says she doesn't feel secure sending her son to school with these recent safety concerns across the district, especially after Mobile police found two students with guns yesterday- one at Murphy High School, another on a school bus.

    “More security gosh we need more security more security,” Candy said.

    “We need more security, I agree with that,” Whetley said, adding “I agree with that 100 percent.”

    Mobile has a director of security, 12 unarmed school resource officers and some outside security guards.

    The school board is discussing using more metal detectors during events after school hours.

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