Gun to her head: Pair arrested for early morning Mobile carjacking

(image: WPMI) Pair arrested for early morning Mobile carjacking

NBC 15 has exclusive video of a manhunt and arrest of a pair of suspected carjackers, taken into custody just before noon just off Michigan Avenue near I-10.

But the ordeal began this morning around 1:30 AM.

That's when a driver of a silver Ford Fusion was rear-ended by a man and woman in a tan Chevy van.

It happened at Sage Avenue and Cottage Hill Road, and at first, the driver thought it was an accident.

She tells MPD when she got out to check the damage, the driver of the car who hit her pulled out a gun, put it to her head, and demanded her cell phone and the phone of her passenger.

That's when, she says, both ran and the man fired a shot, jumped in her car, and drove off with the woman in the van driving behind him.

No one was injured.

But the car was later spotted straddling a curb and that is where MPD arrested two people.

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