Two people shot at shopping center on Spring Hill Avenue

(img: WPMI)

It was a chaotic scene this morning, as two people were shot around 10:40 at the Crichton shopping center at the intersection of Spring Hill Avenue and Moffett Road, followed by a chase across town.

Police said they chased four suspects in a vehicle from the shopping center and caught them near Brookley Field on Perimeter Road, about ten miles away from where the pursuit began.

A witness tells NBC 15 three men walked inside Laced shoe store, confronted two men and in a matter of seconds fired shots at them then took off running.

"It's heartbreaking... it's really heartbreaking," said a witness who didn't want to be identified.

A witness inside the Laced store says one of the victims collapsed with a gunshot wound to the stomach. He says the other ran to his car, grabbed an assault rifle then fired shots into the vehicle with the alleged shooter who backed into another truck trying to flee the scene. Mobile police say a 23-year-old is one of those seriously injured and is fighting for his life.

"It's hurtful. It's just rough you know," said Oscar Macklin, a witness.

Witnesses say one bullet struck the victim - whose age hasn't been released yet - in the head, but he was alert and able to contact his sister.

"He called her while he had gotten shot. He was sitting in the car videoing her and she could see the blood coming from his head," the witness said.

A car in the parking lot was riddled with bullets and shell casings were on the ground. Family members said he is undergoing surgery. It was a scary situation for innocent bystanders.

"It was really upsetting to everybody standing around because she was sick herself and, to find out her brother was shot in the head and he took the time to call her, she was very emotional," said a witness.

They say 2019 has started off with too many shootings and too many young lives being changed over senseless crimes.

"You doing it in broad daylight. People need to take time to talk things out. It's so sad because when family members are at home and not thinking something like this will go on with their family members and you get a call that your loved one is hurt or dead - and to find out they are hurt or dead - it's heartbreaking," said a witness.

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