New Mobile River Bridge plan moves forward, will include tolls

(IMG:WPMI) New Mobile River Bridge plan moves forward, will include tolls

MOBILE, Ala. (WPMI) - The plan to ease the traffic nightmare going through the Wallace Tunnel is taking another step forward.

Tuesday, the Alabama Department of Transportation released a list of three teams competing to build the Mobile River Bridge that will allow some to skip the tunnel.

The three teams are a mixture of American and overseas companies.

"The three teams that were selected will come to Mobile and work with ALDOT to build the appropriate proposal and submit it by the end of the year," Mobile River Bridge & Bayway Project spokesperson, Allison Gregg said.

The project will have three components, including a six lane, cable-style bridge over the river. The Bayway will be reconstructed at about 14 feet higher with 8 lanes and there will be five interchange modifications.

To speed up the project, it will use public and private funds which means drivers will pay to get across both the Mobile River bridge and Bayway.

"There will be a toll from the beginning of Virginia Street all the way over to Eastern Shore. We don't know what that toll rate is yet, but we're working with our project teams to find the best rate to make sure we're able to fund the project."

Gregg says it won't be a stop and pay toll. It will be electronic, meaning you'll have a reloadable card on your windshield for the system to read as you drive by, or it'll read your license plate and mail you a bill.

The project is estimated to cost $2 billion.

To avoid the toll, you will have to take the Bankhead Tunnel and the Causeway.

Construction is set to start in 2019 and end in 2024.

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