NEW DETAILS: Authorities say Kay Raines was strangled to death by her son

    (image: WPMI) Clarke Raines

    During a court hearing Thursday, authorities released autopsy results revealing that Kay Raines was strangled to death. Detectives say she was killed at the hands of her own son.

    The 68-year-old Mobile woman went missing back in January and months later, her body was found in a shallow grave in Baldwin County.

    Her son, Clarke Raines, has been charged with murder and appeared in court Thursday for a preliminary hearing.

    The court hearing provided insight on what led to Clarke Raines arrest.

    Kenneth Gillepsie, a detective with the Mobile Police Department, testified that a tracking device was placed on the car Clarke Raines had been driving. He said that the tracking device led them to Kay Raines' body.

    According to the detective, they believe Clarke Raines killed his mother just a day after she went missing. Her official cause of death: asphyxiation by strangulation.

    In February, police officially identified Clarke Raines as a suspect and placed a tracking device on the car.

    A month later, the data from the tracking device led authorities to Kay Raines body.

    When police began tracking Clarke Raines in February, they learned that he was using his mother's credit cards and pawning her items.

    His activity picked up in March when he returned to the Beau Rivage casino to try to cash in on his mother's previous winnings. The detective reported that same day, Clarke Raines visited a Home Depot and bought a small shovel and 10 bags of potting soil.

    From there, the detective stated, he went to Baldwin County and "drove around for some time".

    The following day, the tracker reported that Clarke Raines was back in Baldwin County. He drove to Highway 225 and spent about 10 minutes in that location.

    Authorities believe he returned to the site to put more soil on the grave.

    It was that same day, Gallepsy said, they went to the location and discovered Kay Raines' body. He said she was face down and it appeared, at one point, she was hog tied. He said she was wearing the same clothes she was last seen wearing on January 29. Later that night, Clarke Raines was arrested.

    Mobile County District Attorney Ashley Rich said he hasn't shown any remorse. In court, he was described as a "severe" drug addict who had a bad relationship with his mother.

    From here, Mobile County Joe Basenberg said there is probable cause to move forward with the case and it will presented to the grand jury for further review.

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