New allegations against Mobile orthopedic doctor

(image: WPMI) New allegations against Mobile orthopedic doctor

There are new allegations of sexual misconduct against a Mobile doctor who surrendered his medical license.

Dr. Thomas Dempsey gave up his orthopedic practice this summer after the state medical board accused him over over-prescribing narcotics and having inappropriate relationships with patients.

Dempsey denies the allegations.

NBC 15's Andrea Ramey broke this story last week, and within hours of the report airing, four woman reached out. Now, you're hearing from one of those women who says she was groped in an exam room multiple times.

"It was wrong what he done. It was wrong," said Frances May.

Medical records May provided show Dr. Thomas Dempsey treated her for low back and hip pain. Sometime last year, she says, Dr. Dempsey's exams started to make her feel very uncomfortable.

"He got to where he was asking me to take my top off, and I thought it was kind of odd at first. He said I'm checking you for nerve damage," said May. "He would fondle my breasts."

"And ask you can you feel this?" asked Ramey.

"That's exactly what he'd do. Can you feel this?" replied May.

May says Dempsey groped her during four or five different exams. She says it was always just the two of them in the room. May says she confided those details to her husband, who confirmed to NBC 15 News he was alerted to the doctor's alleged actions at the time.

"The last time he done it, he shifted himself, and I could tell he was getting his jollies," said May.

"This was arousing him?" asked Ramey.

"Yes ma'am, it was," replied May.

In June, the state suspended Dempsey's medical license. According to the administrative complaint obtained by NBC 15 News, Dempsey had "special patients," who were told to undress so he could massage them with grapeseed oil. These patients, the complaint says, were prescribed high doses of narcotics. The complaint goes on to say Dempsey asked one woman, to remove her underwear on at least one occasion and he touched her inappropriately and exposed himself.

May says that never happened to her but what did happen, she says, is important for people to hear.

"Really toward the end when I realized what he was doing, it angered me. It angers me is what he'd done," said May.

Dempsey surrendered his license in July but did not admit guilt. His attorney told us last week, Dempsey,72, denies all of the board's accusations and was planning on retiring anyway. He did not want to go through the time and expense of fighting the board and decided to surrender his medical license.

Dempsey released a statement late Monday denying the allegations. “The accusations as reported are totally untrue, and I find it outrageous that I am having to respond to them after 40 years of practice and some 20,000 patients. I have devoted my life to helping others and to be accused of these things is absolutely unimaginable,” said Dempsey.

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